mercredi 27 février 2008

Starck... in Private

« Sofa named desire »

In our very demanding society, the consumer experience is fundamental in the brand or service appropriation. It seems to be the same for any Philippe Starck creations : for more than 30 years he gave birth to several items related to human activity : to sleep, to dream, to drive, to communicate, to eat… inside and outside, for the poor and the rich. Every article becomes a crossroad of technology, nostalgy, ergonomy, messages… about who we are and how we act.

This time, Philippe « The Great » focused on the « hidden activity » often located in the bedroom : making love -or those who know - or sex -for the others…-. Based on his private experience and history, he designed « Privé Collection » with the Italian manufacturer Cassina.

At first sight, it looks like a trendy sofa for the up-market -what it is anyway- ! Sober colors : black or white quilted leather or fabric, large seating surface for X…XL flats. In short, a sophisticated island where all the family can sprawl on.

But this sofa promises more with its variety of support units that you can adjust
and incline according to your -secret ?- wishes : tablets, cushions, links…
Suddenly, this piece of furniture puts on an erotic aura for a new playground mixing night and day activities. Everything is allowed and possible for your best comfort - both women and men are concerned of course- on this « sexually functional » sofa.
The latter is moreover completed by 2 chairs and armchairs : Caprice and Obsession. An endless program in view… Fortunately, this new territory of imagination can be turned into a simple sofa if caught by an intruder !

Once again, we find Starck’s equities which are always part of its though process : humour, lazyness and sex. Even if you do not have or can not have « Privé » in your studio, you will not look at your "politically correct" sofa in the same way.

Cassina « Privé » Collection by P. Starck

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