dimanche 9 novembre 2008

Innovating Picardie

« New perspectives for the Planet »

When economics speaks about innovation, poles of competitiveness are often quoted. But seldom is the information about researchers and their upstream projects. For a week, the County of Picardy communicates on its will to gather researchers and industrialists towards general public.

The campaing puts a sense of honor to advance the benefits of the research for our everyday life in particular… and for the planet generally : clean technologies, nutrition, health…

For example, with water in powder -we could have anti-fire walls releasing some water in the contact of a flame or avoiding massive watering while sowing seeds and water in powder ! The replacement of non organic materials in our current batteries by substances stemming from much less polluting vegetables.... Even lowering of the weight of trains has consequences for the user : 15 passengers more by made-up train.

Today, Picardie is offering us new perspectives of understanding what upstream innovation is !


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