samedi 29 novembre 2008

3ème Oeil : a human-centered virtuality

« Interactive design in the name of prospective »

It is not easy to understand what is the real job of 3ème ŒIL a French design agency based in Paris. We know few about it, see nothing about their works and that does not help clearly to catch the purpose of their activity.

In fact, 3ème Œil is dedicated to interactive design that goes beyond mechanical limits, screen interfaces and virtuality itself. Their main part and key-word is virtuality. A virtually at the crossroad of several know-hows : industrial design, human factors, engineering, communication design, architecture, human-computer interactions, semiology, user-experience design, cinema… What a program !

This is the reason why they define themselves as a design(s) agency. : they « virtualize » spaces with today and tomorrow technologies. Their way of expressing future or what could be possible is no more real and tangible prototypes -such as in
a common innovative process- but mini-fictions. And this, in order to help decision-makers (their clients) in the project feasability, its perspectives, its comprehension and appropriation project managers or staff.

So what is interactive design ? According to 3ème Œil, interactive design is everywhere because it shapes our everyday life : in our way of acting or moving in any places or moments we live. Interactive design creates an intelligent dialogue between users and their products, through many particulars : usability, affordance, transfer and metaphor, sound, spaces and services, gestures and languages, texture, emotion and motion.

More than all these elements, the agency leitmotiv is creating value through intelligent interfaces that help users to understand the process of the information
vs instantaneous results. So, a new dialogue between us and products is on the go.

Still confidential today, the emergence of this « sensitive technology » in our own reality toddles along with simple objects you can « talk » with, whithout direct connection and generating intuitive interaction (have a look at the Mir:ror launched by Violet last october).

Source : Lecture in downstream innovation at the Cnam 08.11.27.
D. Carvalho / 3ème Œil

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