mercredi 9 décembre 2009

China's Christmas

"Artistes en céramique"

We are yet in December : Christmas is coming soon and thinking about gifts as well. I have got two parisian names to tell you in confidence as I felt in love of their works. Both are french ceramists and china is their raw material.

At first, Koet by Delphine Lahens I discovered coming along the 9th area of Paris few years ago. She explores all expressions of her sensibility through her professional background as a graphist and her trips around the world. What defines delphine it is her generosity and her humour in various colors and shapes (tableware, jewellery...). Have a look at her workshop and you will see that she makes more than ceramic creations.

In counterpart, Simone Perrotte's vision is a world full of black and white animals. But what wonderful bestiary ! Frogs, fishes, rats, birds... could transform your table into Noah's Ark
or a zoo as her drawing lines are both detailled and simple. Since 2003, she has shown her creations in french galleries and international exhibitions. If you want to get a new ceramic pet, you can directly contact her.

Looking for singular originalities ? These two personalities really deserve attention.

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