samedi 20 septembre 2008

La Fabrique du Futur

"Let's be the seeds of our future !"

Last wednesday, I joined the FuturC@mp meeting organized by
the association La F@brique du Futur, initiated in 2006 by a prospectivist expert : Eric Seuillet.

According to him, innovation is not only related to technology, products or services. As citizens are no more passive buyers -consom’actors-,
they can de facto participate to the upstream innovation since they have the opportunity to share aspirations, ideas, networks and projects. Indeed, with this angle of sight, we can un-
derstand that foresight studies and innovation are not only a matter of experts.

La F@brique du Futur‘s mission intends to stimulate and promote this bottom-up innovation without abandonning the idea of sustainable development. Several activities are proposed : meetings, living labs, workshops…

As for me, I participated to the "Delirium" workshop. The question was « what
would be your dreams or projects to be in a near future ? » The results were mainly human-centrics focusing on transmission of know-how ; promotion of skills through 2.0 network -knowledge management-; entrepreneurship school for migrants ; alternative workplaces to those who do not have enough space ; « eco-living » behaviour mixed with urban socialisation -living packaging, printer with infinite reprinted paper sheet… It was really interesting to be part of the deepest desires
and wishes of the « conso-citizen » !

Anyway, as I suggested it before, this collaborative and open association encourages concrete and operational initiatives. So, you are welcome to pop-up in order
to discover the wealth of the exchanges and why not... find your next partner.

As Eric Seuillet says : « La F@brique du Futur is not a Think Tank, it is a Think Network to make projects tangibles ».

Next Round Table conference : " Art, forward-looking, creation "
on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 / 14h/19h - Bourse du Commerce Paris 2.
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