vendredi 5 décembre 2008

Do you want a piece of chart ?

« Save, Share & Eat »

What is in common between charts, a tableware collection and a pie ? An illustrated shape –original and simple- that has been converted into useful objects for aperitif by French designers 5.5 and a very graphic cake created by New-Yorkers Mary & Matt !

Both of them have the same aim : to satisfy the needs related to new food behaviors such as « Le Fooding or finger food » phenomenon and our appetites for beauty-tasty food.

It is important to underline the 5.5 as they go beyond aesthetic design with their « Save a product » initiative. An initiative which illustrates the designers will to avoid industrial and commercial wasting because of a non-successfull conclusion ordered by their glassworker client. They bought up the stock in order to give it a second chance.

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